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What Brought Us Together
The Ouachita River Blues Society was formed by a team of individuals from Monroe, who shared a deep passion and appreciation for blues music. Blues music has a unique ability to evoke powerful emotions, energize listeners, and connect with people on a personal level. The members of the society were drawn to the authenticity, honesty, and rawness of blues music, which is often associated with the roots and traditions of the Delta region.

Blues music has a rich history in the North Louisiana Mississippi River Delta. Blues Music spans across different eras and has been shaped by various influential artists like Robert Johnson, Little Milton, Bobby Rush, Slim Harpo, Leadbelly and many others. The members of the Ouachita River Blues Society were brought together to celebrate and promote blues music in their local community and surrounding area..

The society serves as a platform for like-minded individuals to come together, share their love for blues music, and create a supportive community. They may organize events such as blues concerts, jam sessions, workshops, and other activities to promote blues music and educate others about its cultural significance. The Ouachita River Blues Society may also work towards preserving and promoting the heritage of blues music, fostering local talent, and supporting blues artists in their community.

Blues music transcends boundaries of age, race, and background. The Ouachita River Blues Society was formed by individuals who recognized the power of blues music to bring people together, and they share a common cause in promoting and preserving blues music that has touched the hearts and souls of many.

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